Egress Window Installation Cost

At Rain Away Waterproofing, enhancing the safety of your home is our paramount concern. Egress windows play a crucial role in home safety, providing an escape route in case of emergencies. As we dive into 2024, let’s shed some light on the cost factors and other elements surrounding the installation of these life-saving fixtures.

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Egress Window in Ontario?

The cost to install an egress window in Ontario ranges from $2,500 to $5,500. Various factors impact the installation cost of an egress window in Ontario, such as window size, installation complexity, materials, property requirements, labor costs, and regional variations. We’ll explore these aspects in detail to help you estimate your project cost.

Understanding Egress Windows

Understanding Egress Windows

An egress window primarily serves as an emergency exit, mandated by law in certain spaces. More than providing a safe escape route during emergencies, these windows also allow natural light into your finished basements, attics, and bedrooms, enhancing your home’s aesthetic and comfort.

Budgeting for Your Egress Window Installation

The overarching factors that determine the cost of an egress window are the window type and size, labor costs, and window glass quality. Location and additional materials also play significant roles. Understanding these can give you a ballpark estimation for your project.

FactorType/DescriptionAverage Cost Range
Window TypeCasement windows$200–$500
Double-hung windows$250–$500
In-swing windows$350–$700
Single-hung windows$100–$400
Sliding windows$150–$700
Labour CostsInstallation complexity, window type, contractor's experience$40–$100/hour
Glass QualitySingle-pane$50–$400

Egress Window Installation Cost Factors

  1. Window Type: Your chosen window style determines the initial cost. Options include Single-hung, Double-hung, Sliding, In-swing, or Casement windows each reflecting different costs due to their mechanisms and materials.
  1. Labour Costs: Installation requires a professional. Costs can vary based on the installer’s experience and job complexity, generally ranging from $40 to $100 per hour.
  1. Glass Quality: The quality of glass chosen affects the cost, performance, and aesthetics of your window. Options range from budget-friendly single-pane to energy-efficient triple-pane windows.
  1. Additional Materials: Additional elements like the window well, drain system, and covers will add extra costs.
  1. Excavation: Depending on your property, site preparation like excavation could induce further expenses.
  1. Permits and Inspections: Finally, you’ll need to account for local building permits and inspections to ensure code compliance. Costs for these may vary.

Considering these cost factors is essential for adequate budgeting of your egress window installation project.

Choosing the Right Professionals

Instating egress windows necessitates precision, expertise, and the right tools—making it essential to hand over the task to an experienced professional. The benefits of hiring professional contractors far outweigh the costs, considering their knowledge about local codes and necessary permits, along with the assurance of quality workmanship and a stress-free installation process.


At Rain Away Waterproofing, our transparent, methodical, and tailored approach ensures that we give your project the attention it deserves. With our commitment to delivering reliable, cost-effective, and exceptional waterproofing solutions, you can rest assured knowing your home is in safe hands.